Wednesday, September 16, 2009

when i was just a little girl

i'm feeling old these days. not because i'm tired (which i am) but because i'm becoming that person i swore up and down i would never become.

in Montreal, every store we went into had loud booming music. my mom had to leave a couple because it was too much for her and for the first time ever i have to admit it kind of annoyed me too.

then the other night on the bus there were three "kids" i'm going to hazard a guess and say somewhere between grade 9 - 11. they were so frickin annoying i wanted to rip my ears off. i thought to myself, was i that annoying? and the answer is probably. i swear kids are getting worse. but isn't that what every generation says? "kids today..."

the other think i've noticed and i don't care if this isn't p.c. but did every boy under the age of 20 suddenly turn gay? they all seem to have "gay voice". perhaps its like girls drawling out "like, sooooooo". i just find it odd.

i no longer relate.

last night was my second class. i left a bit early so i could try to find parking in one of the free after 5pm lots. of course, i soon discovered these were about a kilometer (no joke) from the building my class was in and not exactly where i would be want to be walking alone in the dark when my class ended at 10:00.

so, i go to the pay lot in front of the building. fortunately i took a 5 dollar bill. unfortunately it had been ripped and taped together so the change machines would not accept it and i couldn't get change for the meter thingy.

i'm now getting close to running late and need to get change so i find the little coffee shop place and buy the cheapest thing i can - gum. when did a regular old pack of stick gum start costing 2.25? I know had less than 3.00 for parking which costs 1.50 per half hour.

so i put my ticket on the dash which read 19:48 and prayed. it worked (thank you Jesus) because thankfully there was no ticket when i retrieved my vehicle at 21:25.

class was good but i seriously have to start my board.

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