Wednesday, September 9, 2009

too tired to think

of a title that is. and well, about pretty much anything else.

currently watching a movie with Jess.

great few days - got Jess on Friday morning. went to Deacon on Sat and had a great visit with everyone though the kids were terrible sleep wise. oh well.

on Monday Penster came to visit. once again, kids did not sleep.

last night was my first class. i think i'm really going to enjoy it. i had to buy a paint fan today at Benjamin Moore. i felt so cool. how lame is that. i mean anyone can get one, you don't have to be a designer or anything but it somehow made me feel official.

the teacher also pretty much told us to buy magazines. hee hee! like i needed an excuse!

today Jess and i did a Walmart shop this am and then this aft we went downtown and toured around the market and met Lynne for lunch.

great day.

tomorrow i have to do groceries but other than that i'm planning on a whole lotta nothing.

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