Sunday, September 13, 2009

and i'm leaving, leaving on that midnight train to Georgia

home again.

had a fantastic time in Montreal. such a great place to visit. such an awesome city.

left Friday morning, checked in to our hotel and took the metro down to McGill/St. Catherine. had lunch (poutine with smoked meat - mmm) at the first Ruebens (yes, apparently there are two on the same street with the same name but they are not affiliated). then the shopping began.

my hit list involved H&M and Forever 21 since we don't have those stores here. i LOVE H&M but it was very busy and there was a line up to try on. i did find the perfect pair of skinny jeans there though.

next was Aldo where i found the perfect pair of motercycle/riding boots to go over said skinny jeans.

i honestly can't remember where else we went for the rest of the afternoon! we headed back to the hotel and freshened up and walked up St. Denis to find a dinner spot. we winged it and picked the first place we saw that had lots of people in it. it was a very established looking (re: old) French restaurent. we had filet mignon brochette and it was very good, cooked perfectly and it was cheap.

of course, i was not able to sleep in on Sat morning and was up at 6:30 so i walked down (actually i guess it would be up) St. Denis again until i found a breakfast spot that was open and looked decent. i had blueberry crepes with real maple syrup. yum.

i had to do a repeat performance when i walked back the hotel and mom and Jess awake and hungry. i stuck to coffee the second time around.

after breakfast we headed back to St. Catherine and hit up Forever 21. it was so crazy busy. it had just opened a week before so the line-up was pretty insane but at least you could take 12 items in (unlike H&M's 7). for super trendy stuff that you don't want to pay a lot of money for it was a pretty awesome store.

checked out Mango too. they had an "event" with a live DJ, candy bar and free vitamin water. liked a lot of the stuff and though it was reasonably priced it was more than H&M and i had a pretty strict budget.

went back to H&M again and got two skirts.

went to the second Ruebens for late lunch/dinner and had the best burger i have ever had though perhaps the fact that i was starving had a little to do with it.

then it was back to the hotel and cab to the train station. the cab from the train to the hotel was typically scary. the cab back to the train station was the smoothest cab ride i have ever had in Montreal.

today is Church and then i have got to clean this house.

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  1. glad you had a good time. (did anyone else find the typo? i can't help myself)