Friday, July 17, 2009

we are not the kids we used to be

fantastic day, fantastic weather. we took advantage and went to Papanak Park Zoo which is a conservation/breeding sanctuary. it was pretty cool. they had lions and tigers, monkeys etc. Nate had an absolute blast. pics are up on facebook.

been busy doing house stuff as usual. finished painting the kitchen and i have just one more coat (i hope) of stain to put on the fireplace mantle. once thats done we can paint the family room and then move on to the basement. Jay finished getting the rest of our decking on. looks great. now we just have to do the railing and stairs.

when we were at Home Depot the other day getting screws and a joist for the deck they had some bathroom vanities on clearance. found a perfect one marked from $499 down to $149. solid maple (stained a walnut colour) art deco detail doors (sort of little pyramids) all it needs is a nice marble top. so we got that for our powder room along with a matching mirror that was on for $25!

so, of course, now i'm itching to do the powder room least we'll get rebates back for installing low flow toilets.

ok - gotta get the stain on while i still have a little energy.

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