Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i'm out of my head, that was what they said

today i realized that i actually get far more done when Jay isn't around - i won't bore you with the painting/laundry/cleaning details.

i'm kind of starting to panic about going back to work because Maggie is still waking up every night at least once. oh well i'll be crabby at work instead of at home.

Jay is putting in a deployment memo tomorrow (requesting a deployment) so i'm also kind of freaked about that. though, i know i can manage on my own quite well its still not the ideal way to parent. but, at the same time i hope he gets to go because i know he really wants to go and as a bonus there is the money that comes with it which would enable us to really put the plan in action sooner and faster.

in any event - it is in God's hands - not mine and i'll just go with the flow.

we pick up our new car on Saturday - pretty excited to inhale that new car smell which i'm surprised they haven't linked to cancer yet.

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