Sunday, March 29, 2009

oh i love a rainy night

Poured rain all day but thats ok - we managed to keep busy.

The F1 season opened with a surprise inaugural (sp?) win for the new Brawn team and Britain's previous golden boy Jensen Button. Good for him.

Jay took Nate to Sunday school - I was geared to go but couldn't bring myself to wake up Maggie from her nap especially since she had been up twice during the night.

The in-law's came over for a visit and dinner (I made lasagna) it was a nice evening. I must be getting more tolerant in my "old" age :)

Jay heads back to work tomorrow after a week off - its been great having him home. Only 6 weeks until he is gone for 3 months...

Well, I'm going to polish off the bottle of wine from dinner and head to bed soon.

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  1. yey for becoming more tolerant with old age...I guess I still have some "aging" to do ;)